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 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on Steam

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Rocksteady Studios has been extremely business the last few years. I use the term busy lightly. They are responsible for the Batman Arkham Knight hits that were released what seems well over a decade ago, 2015 to be exact. After a long time coming, long time meaning back in 2020 after the Twitter tease, we are finally going to get the release of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League. The official release date is now set to be on May 26th 2023. We have some details regarding what characters will be available. A lot of publishers and game studios a like put delays on their titles due to Covid but after 3 years the game will be ready to release. The fans are ready for a gritty, anti-hero story and can't wait to get their hands on it. As we all know with CyberPunk 2077, the longer you wait, the riskier the reward. Although, Hogwarts Legacy was delayed a bit and the title has been nothing but a hit regardless of what the media is telling you because the reviews are topping the charts. 

                                        Which Playable Characters are Available?

Playable characters include Harley Quinn(aka Dr Harleen Quintal), the Princess of Crime, Deadshot (aka Floyd Lawton), the most dangerous marksman alive, Captain Boomerang (aka Digger Harkness), Aussie assassin extraordinaire, and King Shark (aka Nanaue), the demigod humanoid shark and rightful ruler of the seas.  

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Recent News

The biggest news let down so far with Suicide Squad is that you need a stable internet connection in order to play the game. With more games requiring an internet connection to play this is limiting the player on when/where and how they can play their titles. We are starting to see more handheld gaming devices like the Steam Deck and Aya Neo 2. Gamers are taking the games on the go and sometimes an internet connection isn't available to launch a title. There has not been a clear answer so far as to why the stable internet connection is required but we do know players are able to join friends online for missions and cross play so this may be the case. All in all what do you think about this? Do you think online connection should be up to the player? Did you plan on playing this game on the go? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts about this title so far. 

Here is the trailer from DC. Trailer


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