TikTok is Making Parental Control Tools for Videos

Image Source: ZenBusiness

It is no argument that TikTok is one of, if not, the most addictive video watching app to hit the market since Vine. The app allows users to scroll and see videos in a short burst which can make it so addicting. One of the great features TikTok has behind the scenes is its amazing algorithm. The company behind TikTok, ByteDance, has taken a lot of backlashes for its application. The Chinese company is aware of how addicting its app is because some governments have worked with the company to make “versions” of the application for their country and show certain content.

Since, ByteDance has come out and said they are working on a feature of the application to add more security and what the user is allowed to see. ByteDance says this will work by blocking specific hashtags, users and even bring a feature to users that under the age of 18 to a limit of 1 hour a day on the application.

Not only has the application become extremely addicting for many users but the security concerns have risen over the years. The United States, Canada and more have banned the application for government issued devices. The security concerns include, data tracking, location, camera concerns and recording keystrokes on your keyboard.

This can be a right move in the right direction if it can work as TikTok claims it will. Apple has had the Screentime limit embedded in their iOS for some years now, but this level of customization can be helpful for the parents that are concerned with the application. 

Do you agree with the move TikTok is doing? Do you already have parental controls on your kids’ devices? Are they allowed to use TikTok? Join the conversation below.


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