Tesla Investor Day Recap – The Good and the Future of Electric Cars

     Image: Tesla

Investor day has come and gone, and some people see it as a letdown and other see opportunities. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, announced a new Gigafactory will be built in Monterrey Mexico and showed an image of the current state of Tesla, vehicle wise, and a few covered items we have not seen yet.


Over Tesla’s existence they have sold a lot of cars and the roadmap looks amazing in our opinion. The Cyber Truck is still on its way and Tesla is making progress on the semi-truck too. The 2 vehicles we see under tarps are what people have been questioning about. What can these items be? A small car maybe a SmartCar size? Possibly a larger ATV that is similar to the forgotten Cyberquad? Regardless of it will be something new and shiny that may take years to be released to the public.

All in all, the biggest tease of the entire event is the possibility for a wireless charging option for Tesla’s. This makes sense for a new “gimmick” that Tesla could offer. The ability to pull in your garage and your just charges on its own is something out of Apple’s playbook in my opinion. Other automakers have gained interest in the wireless charging due to ease of us, but this feature is one that can have a lot of headaches. The logistics alone seem out of reach in the current state of charging large vehicles. 

    Image: Tesla

The final thought on the event is the next generation Gigafactory. The plant in Mexico is said to manufacture around 3 million vehicles a year. The plan for this plant is to make the “cheaper” vehicle that teased during the event. We do not have any information so far on this plant and the only date we are given is 2024. If it is like anything Elon does, the pant may take a lot longer to complete than expected.

    Image: Tesla


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