Apple's New Clean Energy Update Causing Issues for Users

iPhone charging

     Source Image : Apple

It is no secret that Apple is trying to make the best products. Not only does Apple strive for this, they try to make the best process to make CLEAN products too. Sometimes, Apple will transfer over its values to its users as well. Apple always makes it appoint to let the users choose if they wish to comply with their agenda. In this case, Apple sent a software update that automatically turned on this "Clean Energy Charging" toggle on by default. With the recent update of iOS 16 to 16.2, a new option under the Settings app.

Apple claims that these changes are to help with less carbon emissions and help optimize your battery in your iPhone. All on paper looks good. I'm not sure what is upset on these changes other than maybe Apple doing them on their own without permission.

Are these changes intrusive? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know down below. 

For a full list of these changes visit Apple.


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